Senior Design

My civil engineering senior projects course gave my team and I a unique opportunity to develop a mock 60% design for an ongoing water storage facility project. During the process, we worked closely with a representative from Dever Water who helped guide our work. The Hillcrest Water reservoir project is currently under construction. Of the 11 teams in the class (the entire senior class of civil engineering majors), my team was ranked second overall by the Denver Water representative and first for our design pitch.

My role on the project was the drawing engineer and sustainability engineer. I developed the entirety of the drawing package aside from the construction plan drawings. I conducted a cradle gate (A1-A4) Life Cycle Assessment for our project and guided my team in making the project USGBC Sites V2 Silver Certafiable (see report for details).  My team’s report, drawing package, and presentation can be found below:

Drawing Package: Group_3_Design_Development_Drawing_Package (1)

Report: Group_3_Design_Development



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