I’m a Colorado native from Littleton, Colorado. Some people call it “Littlefun,” but these people don’t realize that we finally have a bowling alley.

I am currently an Engineering Plus student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. What is Engineering Plus? It’s a specialized and design-based engineering major that let me study civil engineering and secondary science education. The E+ community is wonderful, and if you are one of my students, you have probably heard me rave about my major.

I have been interning at CDOT during school breaks for the past two years doing everything from filing to field inspections. When I’m not on break, I convince myself that I can take more courses than I should (but come on, CU has too many cool courses to pass up). During my semesters, I also have practicum placements at public schools in the Boulder area, most recently, Centaurus High School (GO WARRIORS!).

I spend my free time designing maker projects, playing soccer, painting, running, and playing the ukulele (occasionally all at the same time). I get more nerdy by the day but I can always rely on my sick dance moves to prove that I can still roll with the cool kids. Also, if you get to know me well enough, I’ll show you the video from when I got on America’s Funniest Home videos.

Please check out my Engineering and Teaching portfolios to get a better feel for who I am and what I do!