Buildy Dodge

Buildy Dodge is available for free here. A Video Description of the game can be found here. Buildy Dodge is an arcade-style game I designed for CSCI 1310 at CU Boulder. The premise is as follows: You are a rectangle who is being bombarded with missiles. Your job, of course, is to dodge them. This … Continue reading Buildy Dodge


Senior Design

My civil engineering senior projects course gave my team and I a unique opportunity to develop a mock 60% design for an ongoing water storage facility project. During the process, we worked closely with a representative from Dever Water who helped guide our work. The Hillcrest Water reservoir project is currently under construction. Of the … Continue reading Senior Design

Teaching Ethics in Secondary Education

I believe it is important to address the ethics of all course matter in secondary education. Students in science courses should understand that science is about exploration and truth and that transparency and honesty are vital to a good report. History students should understand the lessons that history can teach us and that the accepted … Continue reading Teaching Ethics in Secondary Education